NetPointDesigns is a Angeles City, Pampanga based digital marketing agency in the Philippines. We started from small business projects, to handling big corporate clients accounts by using the same successful methods we employ for our customers.

and how we do it

genuine means authentic

Being honest with clients and each other.
Plain-speaking, straight-shooting.
And transparent with the truth.
Accurate & clear.
It interrogates the brief, the client & their assumptions.
Deals in facts and truths.
Cuts through agency bullsh*t.
Says sorry when things go wrong.
Speaks informally, in plain language.
And sounds like a best friend who’s got your back.

passion is always contagious

It’s loving what we do.
Unleashing our raw talent.
It can be a rush of power.
Or pure pleasure.
Driven to produce the best work.
And reach the most users.
It’s charged with energy.
Dogged, relentless, proud.
Wakes people up, spurs people on.
And leaves a trail of brilliance.
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