Bad Backlink Removal

Say Goodbye to Your Google Penalty and Bad Backlinks

Our Proven Google Penalty Recovery Process Will Get You Out of Trouble

Our team of Philippine based link analysis and removal experts are serious about cleaning up your problem.
We are ready to help you to start ranking where you used to before Google unleashed the Penguin update on you.
We will not only help you recover your rankings, but help future proof your website against anything that Google might throw at you.
Our success rate speaks for itself.
Let us help you back on your feet and start hitting targets again.

Hand Computed

1. A Free Accurate No B.S. Quote

We’ll give you an accurate quote put together by hand, not some API that spits out a random number. You will see what you are paying for and get a realistic recovery timeframe.


2. In-Depth Expert Link Analysis

Our experts will analyse your backlink profile, pulling in link data from multiple sources. We’ll identify which links should be removed or disavowed and which links are worth keeping.

Manual Contact With Site Owners

3. Manual Contact With Site Owners

If you have received a manual penalty from Google we contact site owners to request the removal of as many unnatural backlinks as possible. We manage this entire process and do all the heavy lifting.

Disavow Links

4. Disavow & Reconsideration Request

We’ll prepare a disavow file and a tailored reconsideration request for Google detailing our campaign progress. We know exactly what Google is looking for which is why we have a 100% success rate.