Local SEO


We know that you will love the results of our highly effective local PPC advertising program. It’s the ultimate form of marketing, allowing you the ability to be in front of the consumer when they are making a buying decision.

Our NetPointDesigns Local PPC management program puts your business in front of your target audience at the right time. It’s the go to choice for small businesses that are looking for immediate results.


You need to be up and running in no time flat and our streamlined NetPointDesigns process for PPC campaign optimization will do just that. We set up your campaign from the start using Google best practices in order to make sure your campaign is highly effective and that you’re maximizing results. We want to bring you the most effective SEM services possible.

You need a professional to handle your pay per click campaign from initial research and strategy all the way through ongoing optimization and monitoring. We make sure your PPC campaign is running on all cylinders, at all times.

Keyword Research – Every campaign starts with keyword research. We select your top phrases that potential consumers are using to search for your services on Google using the Google Keyword Tool and SEMRUSH.

Marketing Strategy and Initial Development – Now that we have your most effective campaign keywords, now it’s time to craft these into something of meaning for your business. We create ads with powerful marketing messages tailored to your business message, enticing consumers to click-through to your website. Our goal for your campaign is a click-through rate of 2-5% for the campaign overall. The higher the click-through rate, the larger percentage of your market we reach, which is good news for you.

Build Out Landing Page – We build websites that are made to convert. You may think that your website is pretty and it may be. Pretty or not, conversions are the most important piece of the puzzle here. Potential customers visit your landing page then they call, based on whether or not that website answers the questions they have at that very moment. We’re really good at answering those questions and we understand how to convert those visitors into customers.

Setting Up Your Campaign for Launch – So now that we have the ads written and the message is targeted we have to get your campaign launched. We structure your campaign so that consumers will get the highest value possible when clicking through to your website. We work diligently to build out effective ad groups, insert the most effective keywords and write compelling ads based on your specific business needs.

Lead and Phone Call Tracking – Now that your campaign is ready for launch we need to make sure that you can track your progress. The most important metric we track is calls.

Ongoing Campaign Monitoring and Optimization – You better believe it. We use the data gathered from your campaign to optimize performance.Then by using our bid tracking system we constantly monitor where your ad shows up in the results. As we said, our goal is a 2-5% click through rate overall while keeping you in the #1 – #3 slot in order to maximize campaign reach and your (ROI).The higher you are in the results the more likely your ad will be clicked and the more likely you will land that lead.

If you’re looking for a complete online marketing solution that includes a powerful paid search campaign? The Rank Local team has the background, experience and raw talent needed to effectively market your business against your toughest competitors. We offer effective solutions to give your bottom line the boost it needs. You need effective Local PPC Management services in your marketing arsenal, let’s talk.